The right glass can strengthen the performance and appearance of your property

There are a number of glass and glazing options that can enhance both the performance and look of your home or business. 

As the single most visible part of your window or door, it's important to understand how the different glass options can affect your aluminium doors and windows - both visually and performance wise.

When choosing your glass, consider these five standard features...

Security and safety

Although New Zealand has one of the highest glass related injury rates in the world, modern-day glass technology has become much more difficult to break.

Tough, sturdy glass in windows or doors improves the safety aspect, and also doubles as a security feature against petty crime.

Noise control

There are several options of glass available that will dramatically reduce unwanted noise, providing quieter living conditions for you and your family/guests.

Light and UV control

Although New Zealand provides a great temperature climate, it leaves our properties vulnerable to the damaging sun rays. This can make our home uncomfortably hot or fade furniture and/or carpets.

There is a range of glass options available where you can enjoy the natural sunlight without UV damage or glare.

Comfort and energy savings

It's important to thoroughly insulate our homes as energy costs have escalated over the past few years. Because heat flows relatively easily through ordinary single glazed glass, double glazed windows are always our recommendation; it's the fastest and most effective way to decrease heat costs in winter, while keeping cool in the summer.


Obscure glass ensures privacy with glass doors and bathroom windows - providing a modern look that still allows natural light through.