Environmental Policy

HPW are committed to minimising our impact on the environment to ensure it is here for future generations.  We are dedicated to waste minimisation and recycling as much of our unavoidable waste as possible.  Using a long life product like aluminium ensures that our products are not only durable but also recyclable at the end of their life span. We believe that being environmentally responsible is a journey and not a destination and as such we have implemented an Environmental Management System.

Currently HPW’s environmental initiatives include:

  • Optimisation of aluminium cutting and recycling of all unused waste material.
  • Sourcing the majority of our reveals from suppliers who produce timber from sustainable, renewable forests.
  • Recycling of all cardboard and plastic packaging.
  • Maintain regular servicing of vehicles to keep environmental impact to a minimum.
  • Where possible, keeping administrative work computer based to minimise paper wastage.

HPW’s primary business function is to supply double glazed, aluminium windows and doors.  By providing double glazed joinery we can assist our customers to minimise their impact on the environment through creating warmer, drier homes which require less heating.  By choosing to manufacture our windows and doors with aluminium we can be reassured that we are using a sustainable product.

Aluminium & Sustainability

  • Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the world's crust and is estimated to have mineable reserves in the hundreds of years.

  • While high amounts of energy are needed to process raw aluminium, this can be offset against its high durability and recyclability.

  • Aluminium & wooden windows are estimated to last over 40 years while PVC has an optimum life of 25 years.

  • Aluminium is indefinitely recyclable.

  • New Zealand's aluminium smelter is powered from a renewable resource (The Manapouri Power Station), it is ranked in the top 20% for energy efficiency compared with other smelters and actively invests in energy efficient initiatives.