Choosing the right colours for your aluminium joinery

The colour of your aluminium joinery will influence the overall appearance of your home - so selecting the right colours requires careful thought and consideration.

There are numerous colour options available - you'll have the ability to easily match your joinery to your property's roofing, cladding and interior colour scheme of your property.

Here at High Performance Windows, we are passionate about creating beautiful aluminium joinery that complements your home, and are more than happy to discuss your ideas and provide our recommendations and advice.

Suggestions for selecting your joinery colours

  • If you're looking to complement your home's cladding, it's common practice to choose a tone a few shades lighter or darker from the cladding colour

  • You can give your home a very clean appearance by choosing the same colour as your house (especially in cream or white tones)

  • Don't forget that the colour you choose for your joinery now may limit your options in the future if you're looking to change the house colour

  • Choosing dark or black joinery colours against a light coloured house can create a very sharp, attractive look

  • Popular choices into matching the joinery to your roof colour or contrasting joinery colours

  • The colour you choose for your joinery impacts on the inside view, and therefore can be influenced from interior colour schemes

  • Neutral colours - such as white, cream, taupe, silver or black - provides flexibility for interior colour section

Please come in and see us at our showroom to view our colour swatches